Researching across intersections of visual language, critical publishing, and digital media environments. Continuously learning – currently as a PhD fellow at the London School of Film, Media and Design, UWL (UK). Actively contributing to stanza – project space & studio for critical publishing (DK). Creatively co-directing fanfare – artistic research collective for broken channels of interlinked communications (NL).

From Elite to the Street

On invitation from the Van Gogh Museum (Vincent op Vrijdag series), a concept and curation were made in reaction to the print archive and exhibition Prints in Paris 1900: From Elite to the Street.
Containing one of the most extensive collections of French prints between 1890 – 1905, the archive enlights one of the most critical periods in establishing the print medium as an acknowledged independent art form. The efficient and affordable production process of the prints allowed the works to be acquired by many, expand into more extensive networks, and further spread out to the streets of Paris. Most of the prints depict the increasing tempo of life, allowing any new object to be analyzed and transformed into an artistically modified object. While the archive of the exhibition contains an immense treasure of references, the curatorial focus was directed to this fast pace and variety of tools necessary for printing. In response, we invited a selection of young graphic designers and artists to produce illustrated layers of contemporary objects and tools within graphic work today. Together with artist Ozgur Kar, these were transformed, distorted and composed into a one-channel video screened in the entrance hall. For the opening, the process of composing and re-composing the objects was performed and live-programmed by Lou Buche.


Curatorial concept: Freja Kir with Lotte van de Hoef
Contributors: Lauritz Meier Andersen, Clark Ben, Caitlin Berner, Thomas Birsak, Halla Einarsdóttir, Raisa Kingma, Egle Petraskaite, Hugo Rocci, Sophie Rogg
Video editing: Ozgur Kar
Performance: Lou Buche